A healthy attitude is infectious but doesn't wait to catch it from others. Be a career. If you pick the right people and put compensation as a career behind it you almost don't have to manage them. Our senior team members provide time to train and ensure that our employees should have the skills to meet our customers’ requirements and can provide immediate solutions with quality customer service.

We believe in recognizing new talent and potential in our employees and encouraging them to take additional responsibilities in near future. Based on the performances, we calibrate our employees and reward performances and loyalty by preferring in-house promotions for further growth. We conduct functional and behavioural training for various levels of employees to develop skill sets in our employees, which complements their key responsibility areas helping them to perform with improved efficiency. To be a part of CityLife family, please mail your resume at

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CityLife - One of the largest family stores chain in North and East India. In the rapidly evolving retail scenario, CityLife has successfully carved a niche for its brand of merchandise, which today has a loyal followings. Badle Jeene Ka Style – The caption of the brand, revolves around the main motto through which we believe that fashion is all about change, and change is what we embrace within store and with our customers.

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